Toyota – Birmingham Cleaned

Toyota Birmingham had very severe workshop floor contamination, there were problems with stained tiles, and dirty grout and a general build up consisting of oil marks and general oil staining. The surface of the vitrified tiles were very stained and required urgent deep cleaning.

This problem required specialist cleaning using approved tile cleaning products, the customer had tried everything to get the floor to the required standards but was unable to find a satisfactory solution.

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Porsche – Silverstone

Porsche Silverstone approached S2C with a problem with their workshop floor, the floor in this area was installed with fully vitrified Porcelain tiles of a canary yellow colour, the principal said that they could not get the floor cleaned to the standards that they required.

S2C visited the site and carried out a test of the tiled floor surface to establish the level of tile cleaning required. In addition to tile discolouration there were tyre marks a small level of grout build up and general oil staining to the whole area.

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LandRover Solihull Cleaned

S2C were contacted by Land Rover to provide its services to carry out a periodic deep clean to the internal roof trusses and floors at its Solihull assembly plant.

The operation consisted of the total removal of all dust and debris that had accumulated over a number of years with use of specialised vacuum equipment and strict procedures of work that are required in these circumstances.

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BMW Solihull Cleaned

S2C are pleased to announce that we’ve carried out the annual cleaning of the exterior of the BMW Solihull dealership for a number of years, the process involves hand washing the external cladding with approved cleaning product to gently remove algae and general staining, the products used soften stubborn staining eliminating the need to excessively rub the cladding surface this prevents any unnecessary damage to the coated surface.

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BMW Peterborough

BMW motorcycles recently contacted S2C to investigate cleaning problems they were having with the workshop floor at their premises in Peterborough, although the premises were almost new they were having a combination of problems consisting of oil staining, dirty grout, tyre marks and general oil marks all over the Roben pyramid tiled floor surface.

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