BMW Peterborough

BMW motorcycles recently contacted S2C to investigate cleaning problems they were having with the workshop floor at their premises in Peterborough, although the premises were almost new they were having a combination of problems consisting of oil staining, dirty grout, tyre marks and general oil marks all over the Roben pyramid tiled floor surface.

We carried out testing of the tile surface to discover what elements were causing the tile cleaning issue, the results revealed a combination of grout build up causing a haze on the tiled floor which were the remnants of the initial builders clean this was causing dirt and contamination to adhere to the tile surface.

S2C established that the tile used had a surface porosity of 3% this allowed oil and other contaminates to be absorbed into the tile and grout surface if they were not removed immediately. The tests enabled us to select which approved cleaning products would be required to remove the contaminants and complete the tile cleaning process.

As the tests revealed the tiles were partially porous and a strict cleaning regimen would be necessary to maintain the floors to the standards required. S2C recommended that the tiled floor and grout lines once deep cleaned should be completely sealed.

The sealing of certain tiles will repel the rapid absorption of contaminants allowing for a longer period of time for the removal of the contaminant to take place and in turn allow the tiled floor to be more easily maintained.

S2C have a vast experience in sealing tiles and in sealing floors in general, this process is only required when certain types of tile are utilised.

The dealership approved S2Cs recommendation to seal the workshop floor and the process was completed out of hours so that normal business was not affected, the operation was a total success and 3 months on the dealership is managing to keep the tiled floor in the same condition as S2C left it. The dealership principle has said that the tile cleaning of the workshop floor is far easier since the sealing took place and that the overall finish was still perfect.

BMW Motorcycles Peterborough have booked a deep clean on an annual basis to maintain the floors on an ongoing basis, the day to day cleaning is carried out by the dealerships staff.

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