Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning

S2C Midlands are one of the leading specialists in the UK and Europe for ceramic tile floor cleaning.

Often found in car workshops, the increased use of synthetic oils in the car industry and the use of incorrect cleaning products while trying to remove them has lead to a chemical build up on the tiles that has proved virtually impossible to remove. Recognising that this was causing a big issue for automotive workshops, we worked closely with a chemist to design a product that, together with a bespoke process, could breakdown the chemical build up and return the floor to its original finish and crucially return the slip rating to the manufacturer’s specification.

This was achieved with remarkable results and we have subsequently worked with Bentley, Bilson EHF in Iceland and several car dealerships in France to provide bespoke ceramic tile floor cleaning that is in a class of its own.

By making what was considered an incurable problem now curable, our ceramic tile floor cleaning services are highly sought after throughout the UK and overseas. To ensure that the best results are maintained, S2C provide a comprehensive aftercare programme which includes training Facilities Managers and Cleaning Operatives on how to preserve the flooring post-treatment. We also offer future deep cleans at a reduced rate so contamination levels are manageable in the future.

Through regularly cleaning and maintaining your ceramic tile floors you can keep them in peak condition and keep them safe for your staff. You will also create the right impression with your customers and be able to showcase your products to the standard that is required.

At S2C Midlands we are renowned for implementing the best processes, utilising bespoke products and using industry-leading equipment to deep clean your ceramic tile floors and return them to their original slip-rate to ensure their safety. With significant experience in the retail sector and motor trade we can provide specialist cleaning services for ceramic tiles, porcelain, granite and a wide variety of hard flooring types. Contact us now and speak to one of our specialist team to discuss your requirements in more detail.