Cladding Cleaning

S2C Midlands have many years experience in cladding cleaning for commercial buildings. The exterior of your building creates that all-important first impression of your business so it’s vital that it is kept clean and represents the status of your business appropriately. To attract the best staff and to foster pride in your company, the exterior cleanliness of your building should not be underestimated and when it comes to raising the profile of your brand with your clients, keeping your building looking clean and professional will say all the right things about your company.


By regularly cleaning your cladding you will not only protect your building from wear and tear but it will also demonstrate that you care about your business and the impression it conveys. At S2C Midlands we have a fully qualified team who are experienced in cleaning all types of cladding including:


Stainless steel cladding
Aluminium cladding
Glass cladding
Metal cladding
Brick and stone cladding
UPVC cladding


Using a unique hand cleaning process with soft brushes we are able to remove all the surface streaking, thoroughly jet all joints & recesses and ensure that all dirt and contamination is removed. We are able to erect our own scaffold towers and by using specialist poles we can deal with high level cladding cleaning to an exceptionally high standard ensuring that no scratches or damage is caused to your building during the process.

We advise that your building cladding should be cleaned on a regular basis to protect the building exterior and to restore it to a high standard. By doing this you will:


  • Prolong the life of your building
  • Improve the appearance dramatically
  • Preserve the exterior surface
  • Maintain the value of your property


If you are looking for high quality cladding cleaning services at a cost effective price then please get in touch. At S2C Midlands we are expert cladding cleaners and can provide a wide range of external cleaning services. We are renowned for our commercial cleaning services which also include car showroom cleaning, workshop cleaning and industrial cleaning. To speak to the experts, please contact S2C Midlands now.