Cleaning Floor Tiles

S2C Midlands are specialists in all aspects of commercial cleaning with expertise in cleaning floor tiles, car showroom cleaning, cladding cleaning and retail outlet cleaning. Using the very latest in leading-edge equipment and bespoke products we are able to deep clean your commercial floor tiles so that they are brought back to pristine condition.

Our tile cleaning process will extract all the surface dirt and grease from your tile floors and deep clean the dirt that has gathered within the grout. Very quickly we can transform the look of your tile floors from deeply soiled to mint condition and that’s why S2C Midlands has become the go-to commercial cleaning company by many of the top car showroom and retail outlets in the country.

Before we start the cleaning process, every floor is individually assessed by carrying out a sample patch and then determining the specialist process required using our own specially developed product. Once we have decided upon the appropriate process, our highly experienced and trained cleaning technicians will use specialist cleaning equipment to deep clean your tiles and grout.

Commercial floor tiles which are exposed to heavy footfall and traffic will inevitably become stained, marked and begin to look shabby over time. This can create the wrong impression of your business and potentially tarnish your reputation so it makes sense to call in experts like S2C Midlands on a regular basis to give your tiles the professional cleaning they need.

Using our leading-edge equipment and specialist techniques will extend the life of your floor tiles and will save money in the long term because it will reduce how often your floor tiles need to be replaced. At S2C Midlands we have a wide range of experience of cleaning floor tiles, workshop cleaning and industrial cleaning and we have worked with some of the leading brands in the motor and retail industry. If you would like to know more about our tile cleaning services and make arrangements for us to visit your premises to assess the condition of your tiles then please get in touch. We would be happy to help.