Car Showroom Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Showrooms & Workshops

S2C have been deeply involved in the specialist deep cleaning of motor vehicle dealerships around the country for many years. The importance in today’s markets of having a top quality and maintainable finish to the workshop and showroom floors goes without saying. Nothing reflects the quality of a dealership more than its appearance, from our experience a potential customers first intentions of purchasing are established by the impression they perceive on their initial visit.

Example – Porsche Silverstone Cleaning

Due to the nature of the business the by-products’ of servicing today’s modern motor vehicles inevitably leads to contaminated oils and other by products being heavily deposited on the floor surfaces and in many cases actually being absorbed into both the tile surface and grout lines, so embedded in fact that standard cleaning practices have little or no effect leaving the floors in a totally unsatisfactory and in many cases unsafe condition.

We have carried out exhaustive research and testing to develop bespoke equipment products and methods to clean these contaminated floors and enable them to be returned to high level of finish that is expected.

Over a decade of experience in this discipline has lead to S2C servicing many of the top marquees, our employees are fully trained in the preparation and application of the latest approved cleaning products and practices.

We offer full support to customers that have cleaning requirements that are proving difficult to resolve, in situations where contamination or staining has occurred that normal procedures will not cure we have developed our own products and processes.

S2C work closely with the tile suppliers and contractors that are approved to supply dealerships so have a vast knowledge of the various floor types and correct cleaning / care that is required to keep these floors in peak condition.

Using the correct products and practices will not only reduce cleaning times and extend the life of the floors but it will also reduce costs.

External Cladding & Paviours

It is essential that external cladding is cleaned correctly if the incorrect products or methods are not utilised permanent damage can occur, S2C only use fully approved products that not only clean the surfaces but also ensure longevity between cleans.

Paviours are cleared of moss and algae build up and re-sanded returning them to an acceptable level. (See Case studies for further information).

Refurbishment to existing Premises

S2C carry out full cleaning programmes to suit all premises that require any level of refurbishment new or old.

Example: West London Audi