Mercedes Benz – now a shiny pin

S2C received a call from Mercedes Milton Keynes to visit their dealership and advise on cleaning requirements for their tiled floors that were showing signs of discolouration and staining.

S2C carried out test patches to the workshop floor and showroom floor, the tests revealed a contamination build up on both floors.

The workshop floor was tiled with fully vitrified porcelain tiles which had a build up on the surface that changed the colour of the tile from a light grey to a light brown colour our tests enabled us to select a suitable product that would return the floor to its original condition.

The showroom floor was tiled with glazed fully vitrified porcelain tiles and to the untrained eye looked clean, S2C carried out a test patch and removed a build up of product from the tile surface that immediately returned the grout from a dark grey almost black colour to a clean light grey, the glazed tile itself had a change of colour and an increase in the brilliance of the glazed finish that enhanced its appearance, the test area was presented to the dealer principle who could immediately see a marked difference, the uncleaned area had a definite yellow tinge over its entire surface.

Following the test results Mercedes Milton Keynes requested that S2C carry out a full deep clean of both areas, this was carried out outside normal working hours so that no disruption was caused to the normal day to day running of the dealership, the final results returned both floors to their original condition, the dealer principle was extremely pleased with the service he received and commented on the commitment S2C had put in to ensure that the floors were finished to such a high standard.

Because of the results achieved, Mercedes Milton Keynes requested that S2C carry out the renovation of the externals of the premises consisting of the cleaning of the external cladding, Block paving, tarmac, and brickwork.
S2C discussed the methods that were being used to clean the floors and advised on ways of improving the operation, new methods were introduced along with a range of approved cleaning products these have enabled the dealership to maintain the floor at the high level achieved at the deep clean and not only reduce cleaning time but also cleaning costs.

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