Specialist cleaning business S2C is reaping the rewards after investing four years developing an industry-changing product to clean floor tiles.


A unique cleaning product has been developed by S2C founder and MD, Steve Cleaver that is proven to not only remove excessive staining and contamination but also returns the tile’s original slip rating.


The company were approached by a Bentley dealership in 2010 after it had tried everything to remove the build up from its workshop floor. Working with a chemist, Steve was able to develop a cleaning solution able to dissolve contamination without damage the floor surface.


“We approached other car dealerships across the UK and used our product on a tester patch with extraordinary results”, explains S2C Operations Manager, Jane Robinson. “Our patch was often alongside several others created by companies who had tried, and been unsuccessful, in achieving the results we accomplished. It is simply not cost-effective to work with many low-priced alternatives that don’t work.”


To ensure its results are maintained, S2C prides itself on its aftercare programme. This includes training Facilities Managers and cleaning operatives on how to preserve the flooring post-treatment. The company also offer future deep cleans at reduced rate so contamination levels are manageable in the future.


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