Porcelain Floor Tiles Cleaning

S2C Midlands are leading experts in porcelain floor tiles cleaning with a reputation for excellence that is known across the UK and Europe.

We have over 15 years experience in providing commercial tile cleaning, applying the most appropriate methods and treatments for a vast range of floor types including granite, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. We can advise you on the best processes and products to use and with our industry-leading equipment we are able to deep clean your porcelain tile floors and return them to a top quality finish and their original slip rate to ensure health and safety conditions are maintained.

With significant experience in cleaning car showrooms, prestigious retail centres and hotels, S2C work closely with the tile suppliers and contractors that are approved to supply dealerships. We have an extensive knowledge of different floor types and the correct cleaning and care that is required to keep these floors in pristine condition. We have also developed our own cleaning products to deal with unique cleaning problems.

Porcelain floor tiles are often found in car workshops and the problems with cleaning synthetic oils which are frequently used in the car industry are well known. Synthetic oils cause a chemical build up on the tiles which in the past has been impossible to remove. By working closely with a chemist, S2C have been able to develop a new product and process which not only removes the chemical build up, but also returns the slip rate to the original manufacturer’s specification.

This innovative process and product has enabled us to work on cleaning problems which previously would have been impossible to resolve and this is why we have been asked to work with car dealers and workshops in places such as Iceland and France, where this service is simply not available.

We are trusted by some of the top brands in the world to provide commercial cleaning services such as Bentley, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. With our world-leading porcelain tile cleaning process we are able to ensure that their showrooms reflect the high quality cars they are showcasing, the reputation of their brand and that their customers are greeted to the type of showroom environment they expect.

To find out more about our porcelain floor tiles cleaning service and how we can transform the look of your commercial tile floors then please contact us now.