Porsche – Silverstone

Porsche Silverstone approached S2C with a problem with their workshop floor, the floor in this area was installed with fully vitrified Porcelain tiles of a canary yellow colour, the principal said that they could not get the floor cleaned to the standards that they required.

S2C visited the site and carried out a test of the tiled floor surface to establish the level of tile cleaning required. In addition to tile discolouration there were tyre marks a small level of grout build up and general oil staining to the whole area.

The tests revealed a build up on the tile surface that was preventing the cleaning products from working correctly this had to be removed before there was any chance of the tiled floor being maintained in any condition.

S2C selected an approved cleaning product from its vast range and addressed the problem, once removed the porcelain tiles were returned to their original condition. The dealer principal was very happy with the results.
S2C discussed the methods that were being used to clean the floors and advised on ways of improving the operation, the new methods advised and the approved cleaning products recommended have enabled the dealership to maintain the floor at the high level achieved at the deep clean and not only reduce cleaning time but also cleaning cost.

Porsche Silverstone have booked a deep clean on an annual basis to maintain the floors on an ongoing basis the day to day cleaning is carried out by the dealerships staff.

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