Toyota – Birmingham Cleaned

Toyota Birmingham had very severe workshop floor contamination, there were problems with stained tiles, and dirty grout and a general build up consisting of oil marks and general oil staining. The surface of the vitrified tiles were very stained and required urgent deep cleaning.

This problem required specialist cleaning using approved tile cleaning products, the customer had tried everything to get the floor to the required standards but was unable to find a satisfactory solution.

S2C were called and were requested to look into the tile restoration. We have a vast experience incorporating the latest techniques into cleaning tiles and particularly porcelain cleaning.

S2C carried out the floor preparation process using manufacturer approved cleaning products this enabled the stain removal process to take place.

Once the cleaning of the floor surface was completed the workshop floor was returned to a pristine condition examples of this can be seen in the attached pictures.

S2C discussed the methods that were being used to clean the floor and advised on ways of improving the operation, revised methods were introduced along with a range of approved cleaning products these have enabled the dealership to maintain the floor at the high level achieved at the deep clean and not only reduce cleaning time but also cleaning costs.

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