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Driveway & Patio Cleaning & Sealing

PRESSURE WASHING & PATIO CLEANING - S2C Midlands are the number one pressure washing company! – Restore your patio or driveway back to its original gleaming appearance!  We specialise in removing, ingrained dirt and grime as well as black spots, lichen and green algae. A common problem on all patios given the climate in the UK.

SINGLE DISC PATIO CLEANING - Depending on contamination, sometimes the only way to get into the pores of natural stone is by using a single disc rotary machine.  This will be used with gentle chemicals to ensure the stone has a deep clean but is not damaged by any detergants used.

BLOCK DRIVE PAVING & RE-SANDING (Optional) - To improve your properties 'kerb appeal', maintain your driveways structural integrity as well as helping to inhibit weed growth!

SEALING - We HIGHLY reccommend that natural stone is sealed. All sealers have anti-fungicidal properties,  preventing the formation of  moss, algae and lichens.​ Sealing stone will help  prevent staining and keep out moisture which can cause stone like sandstone and slate to be come brittle and start breaking up.  Our sealer options are natural or wet look.  The sealers we use are penetrating sealers which go into the surface of the stone to form a protective barrier within and are long lasting. 

All of our vans have built in pressure washers with 3000 litre water tanks.  Our Jet washes run at 90° heat or cold.  They have the ability for soft wash or turbo wash.  We will assess the level of contamination by a free site visit or good quality photos and assess wether the surface needs pre-treating with a special contamination lifting chemical before hand.


All of out technicians are trained to jet at a certain angle to reduce splashing over any other area.  Any lifted contamination from the surface will be properly disposed of.

The results of our pressure washing service are Guaranteed to impress you. We can jet wash any surface from the basic pressure washing of a residential property’s driveway to the commercial cleaning of car parks and large buildings. Call us 01564 700 014 today to receive free practical information to help you make an informed decision about your Jet washing project.

We offer a professional jet washing services, as well as low-pressure steam cleaning for more delicate, older, or listed buildings. We have seen the damage resulting from inexperienced companies using high-pressure jet washing equipment on the wrong surfaces.

Our services are available to both industrial and domestic customers. We are big enough to handle the largest of commercial jobs, yet we recognise that domestic customers should also benefit from our expertise. 


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