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14 years ago we recognised the problem dealerships were having with cleaning and maintaining their workshop / showroom floors. After much research, testing and long running trials, we found that nothing was cutting through the contamination to our level of satisfaction. We decided to work alongside a chemical manufacturer to develop a unique product and system that works with amazing results by restoring the tiles to their original finish including the factory slip rating.

With our bespoke deep clean process and aftercare system, we have been able to make our mark internationally and continue to resolve issues all over the Europe.

Once the floor has been deep cleaned we train your in house cleaners to use our aftercare system which has proven repeatedly to maintain the floor to its high standard.


Having our chemicals manufactured in Europe, after years of research and testing make us the UK leading experts on car dealership workshop and showroom cleaning.


Already holding contracts with some of the worlds biggest car dealerships, S2C Midlands not only deep clean your floors, we offer an optional in house training and maintenance service to uphold the cleanliness of the work carried out by us.

If a deep clean isn't something you feel the dealership needs but is in need of being cleaner, we will happily do a site visit, take a look at the area, advise chemicals with a demonstration on how to use them and how to get your floor to the best standard it can without having a deep clean.


WORKSHOP DEEP CLEAN - Deep cleaning workshop floors is a intricate process.  This has to be done with specialised chemicals, machinery and knowledge.  The process involves cleaning the most stubborn of stains such as heavy ingrained oil and grease, rubber, silicone deposits and paint.


NEW INSTALLATION ACID CLEAN - A new installation clean involves specialised chemicals, machinery and knowledge to rid any surface film i.e. grout that has been left behind after the installation or from any surrounding work.

SHOWROOM DEEP CLEAN  - This is the important one for your buildings image.  Everybody wants to look at a brand  new car on a brand new (cleaned) floor.  The showroom deep clean is a full clean ridding any surface film left by cleaners or any tyre marks.

DAY-TO-DAY CLEANING TRAINING - We always offer training on how to maintain the floors with or without a deep clean. FILAS2C17 is a chemical that is widely used throughout the world within car dealerships to  maintain the cleanliness of the floors. This is a chemical that we have manufactured and can only be supplied by us.  When you see the results, you will understand why we are selfish with our recipe.

CHEMICAL & DILUTION MACHINE INSTALLATION - A dilution machine is installed FREE of charge after every deep clean (optional) to keep our good work maintained properly. You don't have to have a deep clean to have this installed and order the chemical.  We offer a free site visit and demonstration on how to bring your floor up to a good standard without having a deep clean using our product.

Benefits of a Deep Clean & Aftercare System

Improves work environment

Easier to clean / maintain

FREE training given to staff on how to maintan floors properly and how to use chemicals safely

Increases slip resistance

Better / Safer environment

Deep clean only needed 2-3 years if maintained as shown and advised using the aftercare system


Not only do we get your floors back to new, we provide our clients with a bespoke exterior cleaning service that will surpass expectation.

The exterior of your commercial property is the first thing that people will see, which is why it’s so important that you keep it looking fresh and clean.  Regular maintenance of your building can also minimise damage.

We have known for decades that acid rain and environmental pollution has detrimental effects on the surfaces of our buildings and structures, if left untreated over time these unsightly effects can be permanent. A dirty building can have a negative effect upon a company’s image

We work with you to maintain the highest health and safety standards and develop the most efficient programme of specialist cleaning for your operation. We tailor a solution that suits both your needs and your budget.

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We will take down your details and arrange a time and date that suits you for one of our specialists to attend site.



One of the S2C team will visit site and carry out a test patch area to show you how your floor will look once we have finished.


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After all testing and site observations are complete, S2C will gve you a quotation and a time the work can be carried out.



S2C Midlands will carry out all work requested to the highest standard using only quality products. All legal  douments are availible on request.



Our hard work doesnt just stop with the cleaning of your floor. S2C will instruct you and your staff on how to keep your floor looking spectacular.  





After any workshop deep clean, we always offer to install a FILAS2C17 product dilution machine. We will train your in-house cleaners on how to use it and keep your floor looking as good as we left it. 

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